EMCC Accreditation

The EMCC exists to promote good practice and the expectation of good practice in coaching and mentoring across Europe.

They have developed the highest industry standards for coaching and mentoring practitioners and training programmes based on the research based Competency Framework Standards.

The EMCC has two core products available to individuals and training providers who are serious about professional standards:

  • European Quality Award (EQA)
  • European Individual Accreditation (EIA)

The European Quality Award (EQA) is the benchmark quality standard for Coaching and Mentoring Training Programmes.  It is an independent quality award given to providers of coaching and mentoring training which recognises that their qualifications/training meet stringent, professional European standards.

Intuition possesses an EQA at Practitioner Level for our ILM Level 5 Certificate programme, infact we aim to develop all of our training programmes in line with these Competence Standards.

This means that as a buyer of coaching and mentoring training, you can be confident that our programmes will be developing competence to the highest standards required.

The European Individual Accreditation (EIA) provides individuals the opportunity to become accredited coaches and mentors, gaining recognition for their professional and successful ongoing practice.

Intuition’s EQA programme provides a Professional Development Pathway to the EMCC European Individual Accreditation (EIA) Benchmark Quality Standard for practising Coaches and Mentors.

What this means, as a holder an Intuition EQA Certificate, you do not have to ‘jump through all the hoops’ to gain your individual professional recognition.  To find out how this works take a look at our EMCC EIA Access Programme.