EMCC European Quality Award Holder

Intuition is delighted to be a holder of the coveted EMCC European Quality Award (EQA).  Our EQA demonstrates our on-going commitment to the quality of our programme and provides confidence to anyone buying our training, whether an individual or organisation that the training programme they have invested in has met a recognised quality standard.

The EMCC EQA is recognised internationally, particularly in Europe, and represents an on-going commitment to excellence and the highest professional standards of training.

When choosing your Training Provider there are a number of reasons why you should choose a holder of an EQA.

  • You can be confident that the programme you are choosing is rigorous and supports you to develop competence to the required professional standards.
  • There will be a critical emphasis on practice which means that you will be confidently competent as a Professional Practitioner and not be someone who can simply quote the theory – let’s face it Coaching and Mentoring requires effective, practical support.
  • Buyers of your one-to-one and team coaching and mentoring support will be confident that you are effective in your role as you will have completed programmes requiring the highest possible standards of development and assessment.
  • You will be able to fast track the application process for the EMCC Individual accreditation award (EIA) which also has a significant cost benefit too!

If you want to be the best that you can be and professional standards and recognition is important to you then look no further!

Choose Intuition as your Training Provider and Partner for Success.