Coaching Supervision

In today’s market it is getting more and  more difficult for coaches to differentiate themselves.  More and more organisations are looking for coaches who have regular supervision built into their CPD plans as a way of identifying credibility.

What can Supervision do for you?

  • Offers Confidential Support for your Coaching
  • Stretching current Coaching Practice
  • Develops Best Practice
  • Monitors Progress and Improves Performance
  • Provides Continuous Professional Development

Why Supervision?

At Intuition we provide the full cycle of coaching development and support.  We can train you or your people in the skills of coaching, we can continue to support you on an ongoing basis through Continuous Professional Development and we can even provide Coaching Supervision to support your on going growth and development.

Coaching Supervision is an essential practice to maintain the professional competence of individual coaches.  Sessions can be delivered individually or in groups and it can be face-to-face or over the telephone.  Demonstration of regular Coaching Supervision is also an essential element of an European Individual Accreditation (EIA) application with the EMCC.

So What Happens in a Supervision Session?

A Coaching Supervisor works with individuals or groups, working on critical incidents and live case studies provided by those supervised. By supporting and working with the individual and the group in a safe and confidential environment, techniques and approaches can be explored bringing new awareness and insights to their coaching.

Groups generally comprise of internal coaches working in an organisation wanting external supervision to support their work.

The Supervisor will support you with real case studies and incidents; the challenges discussed provide ways forward so you will be able to see tangible results in performance that you can apply back in the work place.

Contact us to see if Supervision is the next step for you.