Coaching Consultancy

IMG_2536[1]As experts in the field of Coaching and Mentoring we are able to support organisations in all aspects including Coaching Consultancy.

  • Your starting point may have been Coach Training for a group of Managers to equip them with the skills to increase and improve their management capability.
  • Instead it could be that the HR or L&D department were supported to develop as accredited Coaches or Mentors to support others within the organisation.
  • It may be that you introduced a programme of one-to-one Coaching for your Middle Managers and Senior Executives.

Whatever your reason you have now recognised that this works and you want to take Coaching to the next level within the organisation.

Intuition is highly experienced in supporting organisations in achieving their ambitions and goals for the Strategic implementation of a Coaching Culture.  Whether this be in the context of Leadership and Management Development, Organisational Change or embedding a culture of learning and development across the organisation, Intuition can support you with all aspects.

Our adopted methodology for working with Clients is a Consultative approach.  We will work with you to identify your specific goals and objectives and support you in developing your action plan.  We can then go on to support you in whichever way you choose to implement the plan by either taking this forward on your behalf or working with you collaboratively to engage others and achieve the milestones.

We have supported our clients in many ways and we are happy to share our experiences with you.  No two assignments are the same but our valuable experience can help to guide you towards the best approach for you.

Why not take a look at how we have supported North East Lincolnshire Council  in developing their Coaching and Mentoring Strategy by training their Managers and the benefits they have experienced as a result of adopting this programme.