Mentoring Skills Development

IMG_2540[1]We would not normally make the distinction between Mentoring and Coaching, as here at Intuition we believe the core skills of Mentoring are the core skills of Coaching.

Just like Coaching, Mentoring has for a very long time been seen as a way of helping individuals fulfil their potential.  Historically the word ‘mentor’ originates from Greek mythology.  Homer’s Odyssey relates the story of King Odysseus of Ithaca, who on leaving to go into battle, entrusted his son Telemachus to the care of his friend, Mentor.  Mentor’s job was not merely to raise Telemachus, but also to prepare him for the responsibilities he was to assume in his lifetime.

Thoughts around Mentoring have certainly moved on but fundamentally the commonly held view is that a Mentor is a trusted and respected individual who offers help and advice to a person wishing to discover something new about themselves or to achieve a learning or positive action outcome.

If you are considering how you can develop the skills of Mentoring yourself, within a team or within an organisation our approach is the same as explained on our Coaching Skills Development page.  Why not take a look and then give us a call to find out how we can meet your requirements?