EMCC EIA Access Programme

Are you interested in gaining the professional recognition that you deserve?  If the answer is yes then read on and find out more about Intuition’s EMCC EIA Access Programme.

Individual professional recognition is available through the EMCC European Individual Accreditation.  It can be gained from a number of different starting points, with the easiest one certainly being a holder of an EQA Certificate from Intuition or any other EQA Provider.

As an EQA Certificate holder you only need to evidence:

  • No of years experience
  • No of hours of practice
  • No of clients
  • CPD
  • Supervision

If instead you are someone who has trained with a Non-EQA Provider or you have gained your experience and competence over the years drawing on your existing skills and experiential practice then you can still apply, however the process involved is more complex and requires you to evidence additional information above that which is required for an EQA Certificate holder.  This additional evidence is:

  • how you have developed competence (mapping against the EMCC Competence Framework)
  • your Reflective Practice

You will also be required to complete an interview with an EMCC Assessor.

Intuition is able to support you through this process by providing support in a number of ways.  If you would like to find out more then please give us a call.