ILM Accredited Training

IMG_2522[1]The ILM offers a wide range of qualifications covering all aspects of Leadership and
Management designed to develop today’s Leaders and Managers.

Intuition is an ILM accredited centre delivering the full range of ILM specialist programmes in Coaching and Mentoring from Level 2 through to Level 7.

As an ILM centre we have achieved Direct Claim Status with the ILM.  What this means is that Intuition has consistently demonstrated delivery, support and assessment across all of our programmes to the highest possible standards.  As a result we are now able to award qualifications to delegates following our rigorous internal assessment and verification process.  This means that delegate results and certificates can be issued far quicker than other ILM Centres.

Intuition’s programmes place a key emphasis on the practical application of the skills in the workplace, so whilst spending time on understanding the underpinning theory it is the experiential aspect of the learning programme that is key.

To enhance the learning experience and to ensure that the programme is relevant to the organisational context we have also developed a range of contextualised programmes that are focused on specific sectors such as the Education Sector.  For example read about how we have contextualised the ILM Level 3 Award for Young Learners for our client Skillforce to train ex-military personnel to work with young people in schools.

Intuition provide the full range of ILM accredited Coaching and Mentoring programmes both as Open Access and In-House programmes.